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Small investment

For a "Community Stories" project created with a template and including an investment of $15,000.
Next call: June 15, 2022






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These guidelines address the essential elements required to submit a proposal under the Small investment stream of the Digital Museums Canada program. They are provided for your information while the call for proposals is closed. When the next call opens, please consult the updated guidelines to prepare a proposal.

Administered by the Canadian Museum of History with the financial support of the Government of Canada, the Digital Museums Canada (DMC) investment program invests in online projects by Canadian museums and heritage organizations, helping them build digital capacity and share stories and experiences with people everywhere.

Funding is available for bilingual online projects, modest or ambitious, that provide an interpretation of the subject matter and content as well as an engaging user experience. The “Small investment” stream is intended for small Canadian community museums and heritage organizations that wish to create community-focussed[1] online projects with a user-friendly template. These projects are called Community Stories. Organizations whose proposals are accepted receive an investment of $15,000 and the support and guidance of the DMC team throughout the project.  

The objectives of this stream are the following: 

  • Tell stories, past and present, of Canada’s communities and make them accessible to all Canadians. 
  • Strengthen the capacity of Canada’s community museums to create digital content for use online. 
  • Increase the online presence of Canada’s community museums. 
  • Promote collaboration between communities and museums to create online projects on local history. 
  • Encourage Canadians to share their personal heritage with others. 

DMC issues an annual call for proposals. A proposal must be submitted online before the deadline by the organization responsible for the project, also referred to as the “applicant.” Only proposals that meet the eligibility requirements are evaluated by DMC. Agreements are signed with the organizations receiving an investment.  

Notes: Applicants can submit more than one proposal in response to a call for proposals. However, DMC will only award an investment to one project at a time.

DMC may reject a proposal if it determines that an organization’s performance in another DMC-funded project has been unsatisfactory or sufficiently poor to jeopardize the success of the new project.

[1] The term “community” refers to a group of people who share something such as an interest, history, geographic location, culture or identity. For example, the ice fishing community, the Syrian community, the community of St. Martins or the LGBTQ community.

We funded their project

" The idea… [for our] exhibition... first took the form of a somewhat crazy project. The support and expertise of the DMC team enabled us to make this dream a reality and give it a visibility that would not have been possible without this partnership. [Translation] "

Myriam Mathieu-Bédard, Geneviève Bergeron

Centre d'interprétation de la Côte-de-Beaupré (Aux Trois Couvents)


Portraits of Our Ancestors

Centre d'interprétation de la Côte-de-Beaupré (Aux Trois Couvents) 2020

" Our project had been in the works for a long time, but the shape of the resulting exhibition was unknown before we found a great fit with the structure provided by DMC. "

Emma Carey

Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives


White Pine College: Gillies Mill and the Village of Braeside

Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives 2020

" I really appreciate all the help and support that the DMC provided. I could not have done this exhibit without the DMC. Thank you. "

Lorri Dauncey

Central Okanagan Heritage Society


Advance with Courage: Lord and Lady Aberdeen in the Okanagan Valley

Central Okanagan Heritage Society 2019

" Creating an exhibition for DMC is leaving Canadians a part of their history as a legacy. It is bequeathing a quality product through a simple process. One doesn't have to be a computer programmer or a graphics pro. A passion for your history is all that's needed! [Translation] "

Marie-Jo Cormier

Corporation du Patrimoine de Rivière-Bleue


The Hidden Past of Rivière-Bleue

Corporation du Patrimoine de Rivière-Bleue 2020

" The project has been a rewarding one for our organization and this exhibit will be an important instrument in our ongoing work to influence education curriculum content here in British Columbia. "

Fran Morrison

BC Black History Awareness Society


British Columbia’s Black Pioneers: Influencing the Vision of Canada

BC Black History Awareness Society 2020

" DMC was an ideal partner for telling… [our] story... Their platform allows us to reach beyond our walls to virtual visitors around the world in both official languages. "

Alexander Gates

Canadian Automotive Museum


Oshawa’s Automotive Community

The Canadian Automotive Museum 2020

" Faced with the rigour of the exercise and the expertise of DMC… [our] valiant team is emerging more experienced, more competent, and, above all, proud to have included this gem of a story in this great history. [Translation] "

Marie Anne Rainville and Catherine Melançon

Musée maritime de Charlevoix


The Desgagnés: Two Centuries of Schooners

Musée maritime de Charlevoix 2020

" The support offered by DMC has allowed us to leave our comfort zone in terms of exhibition scripting and to explore new avenues.... It was a very educational creative process for all team members... [Translation] "

Mélanie Séguin

Conseil Arts et Culture de Saint-Eustache


Focus on Firefighting: Voices of the Saint-Eustache Fire Safety Department

Conseil Arts et Culture de Saint-Eustache 2020

" Our project had been in the works for a long time, but the shape of the resulting exhibition was unknown before we found a great fit with the structure provided by DMC. "

Emma Carey

Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives


White Pine College: Gillies Mill and the Village of Braeside

Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives 2020

" The funding and helpful guidance we received from DMC made it easy to share our… community story with the world. A great program to help community museums get their stories online. "

Neil Burgess

Bell Island Heritage Society


When World War II Came to Bell Island, Newfoundland

Bell Island Heritage Society and Shipwreck Preservation Society of Newfoundland and Labrador 2020

" The visual format and user-friendly software allow people with limited website development experience to easily produce a high-quality product. "

Lindsay Foreman

Agassiz-Harrison Museum and Visitor Information Centre


Knee High by the First of July: Celebrating the Legacy of Corn in the District of Kent, British Columbia

The Agassiz-Harrison Historical Society 2019