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Narrative Threads: Crafting the Canadian Quilt

Textile Museum of Canada 2015

Become part of the Great Canadian Quilt. Produced by the Textile Museum of Canada in conjunction with local museums across the country, this exhibit showcases a rich and diverse array of handicrafts and folk art, reflecting their role in shaping the country. Explore a wealth of story-rich artifacts, then contribute your own special belongings to one of the most dynamic and distinctive Canadian cultural archives ever created.



Exhibition Research and Content Development

Anna Richard

Shawn McCarty

Roxane Shaughnessy

Natalia Nekrassova (Textile Museum of Canada)

Ruth Bitner

Corinne Daelick

Heather Englebert

Kristine Flynn

Garry Hayes

Brian Johnsrude (Western Development Museum)

Nick Clemens (Niagara Historical Society and Museum)

Andrea Reichert (Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library)

Joanne Bird (Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre)

Darryl MacKenzie (Delta Museum & Archives)



Translation agency


Meg Taylor


Ecentricarts Inc.

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