La Butte à MathieuA place of hope, songs and dreams | Digital Museums Canada
Black and white photo of about 100 spectators attending an outdoor performance at La Butte. At the top of the picture, the feet of people sitting on part of the roof of La Butte can be seen.

La Butte à Mathieu
A place of hope, songs and dreams

Société d’histoire et du patrimoine de Val-David 2023
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Discover or rediscover La Butte à Mathieu, the first boite à chanson outside Montréal. From 1959 to 1976, it attracted all kinds of talent to Val-David, a village nestled in the Laurentian mountains. In this natural setting, actors, singers, sculptors, authors, painters and poets came together and gave rise to a new Quebec culture.



Denis Vézina
Paul Carle
Gilles Mathieu


French writer

Denis Vézina


English translation

Owen Hughes

Full credits