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The photo is in black and white. Anicinabek women and children are sitting on the grass. Lake is in the background. They are near a small canvas tent. The women are busy sewing moccasins while the children watch or play. A baby is sitting in a tikinagan, a traditional baby carrier.

Ka odji madjisek: Where it begins

Bibliothèque des livres rares et collections spéciales de l'Université de Montréal - Groupe Miaji 2022
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Who are the people who make up the Anicinabe community of Lac Simon (Abitibi, Quebec)? Absent from the history books, they wanted to tell their own story. Before settling on a “reserve,” these Anicinabek lived off the resources on their territory, moving from camp to camp. This exhibition is a journey through the history, knowledge and territory of the Anicinabek families who faced the challenges of colonization.




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