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Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure

Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia 2014

Gold wiggled its way into Nova Scotia about 500 million years ago and has continued to shape the landscape and lives of Nova Scotians ever since. Dig up the dirt on why gold is so captivating and how it came to exist in Nova Scotia. Discover what sparked the gold rush fever that drew prospectors from around the world to Nova Scotia. Explore how mining methods have changed, the long-term consequences of historical mining and how modern gold mining is highly regulated to minimize the hazards to people and to the environment. Learn about the drama of the Moose River cave-in and how it changed radio broadcasting worldwide. Investigate the role artists played in recording Nova Scotian gold rush history, the many ways gold is used in art and uncover some of the myriad reasons we are so fascinated by the glitter and glamour of gold.



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