Bingo Hauser: Trading Fur for Iron | Digital Museums Canada
Black and white photo of people gathered around bannerline for an exotic animal sideshow featuring large painted banners with monkeys, reptiles and other animals with a person standing at a podium in the background - Une photo en noir et blanc d’une foule à une fête foraine parmi de nombreuses tentes; on voit un carrousel en arrière-plan

Bingo Hauser: Trading Fur for Iron

North American Carnival Museum and Archives 2018
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Irvin “Bingo” Hauser ran away with the carnival at age 16 and never looked back. This exhibit tells the story of one of Canada’s greatest showmen, who began his career as a lion tamer, and later started an exotic animal sideshow. By the 1960s, Bingo traded in his animal act for increasingly popular amusement rides and started one of Canada’s largest carnivals. Explore decades of transformation of the carnival industry through the exciting and personal stories of a man they called Bingo.